About Us


Made for You

Our simple message to parents and parents-to-be is that finding good quality products that properly suit your needs shouldn't be hard, stressful or expensive. Our team have started this business out of passion for local people and baby's alike and we are thrilled to be soon working with each of you. We invite you to come and visit us and see the range that we have on display, but more than that - share with us what you need, and let us help. We wont always have the best product or the best price - but we will always point you in the right direction. If a combined 50 odd years of experience (but who's counting?!) in this industry has taught us one thing, its that working with our customers doesn't create a business, it creates a family - come and join ours today!


Familiar Faces...

Many of you may know some of our team from Macleod House nursery days - something that finished when Macleod House was brought out almost 2 years ago. Since then, customer serivce, ethics, and a good range of quality but cost effective baby goods have been hard to find in East Gippsland - but we are here to bring them back. Pop in and say Hi to Ruth, Leanne and Emily as soon as we are up and going!


This is a journey for us too

Starting this has been a challenging but enjoyable time, and now as we are about to properly begin, we invite your suggestions. As mentioned earlier, we want this to be a spot for you, our customers to get exactly what you need. So tell us - 'I would really love to be able to get....' 'Can you guys source....?' Lets boss this together!